One of the nicest traditions of December is the Help-Portrait project, where those with talents in photography, hair or makeup provide photographs for anyone in need. The goal is to create a smile and a memory for those who could not otherwise afford to have their picture taken.

I learned of this project through a colleague whose campus sponsors a Help-Portrait session every December. It is one of the most rewarding programs they host, as families are given a gift that will last for generations.

My childhood home was lined with portraits: each of us at 3 months, 6 months and every year thereafter through high school. Multiply that by five kids and there was a rotating art gallery of favorites. I think of the families who are not fortunate enough to capture these memories, or even to afford school pictures each year. The Help-Portrait meets that need for them.

We normally think of taking pictures, but these are the portraits that give. You don’t have to be a professional or create an elaborate event to give the gift of photography to another this holiday season. Consider organizing a Help-Portrait event instead of another holiday party and provide a memorable evening for all.

Thanks, Dave!


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