Many newly married women save their wedding dress to become a keepsake for future daughters, but in reality the dress never leaves the box. An organization has found a much better use for the beautiful garments by turning wedding dresses into Angel Gowns for babies who don’t survive their short life in the NICU. (Many other individual volunteers across the country also create memory gowns and are currently accepting donations.)

photo credit Justi Underwood Bates on Facebook

Angel dresses honor the magnitude of the moment and allow grieving parents to have a special garment for photos or funerals. Through the work of many, these babies are physically wrapped in love.

Kudos to those who saw a way to make this match by meeting a need for both parents and those who divorce or do not want to keep their dresses forever. Can you make a similar match? Think of something that you have at home or in your organization that just “sits around” and could be repurposed for a much greater value. If you look at your possessions with new eyes maybe you can see a way to give something new life in a different form.

To make a donation of a gown or funds to mail them to hospitals also see: Ansel Morris Trisha Hamor on Facebook or Jessica Heffiner at

Thanks Meg for sharing!

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