It seems that the Fourth of July has taken on a life of its own and become a major commercial holiday. Since Easter, aisles have been filled with red, white and blue paraphernalia, featuring everything from themed bubbles to cups to yard decorations. The selection of patriotic attire has burgeoned too, and now you’ll be in the minority if you’re not wearing a Fourth of July t-shirt or jewelry today.

While I applaud the celebration, I think it has gone too far. There is one thing I definitely won’t be wearing today: red, white and blue eyelashes. They seem more like a Halloween accessory instead of a patriotic one!

What will you be doing today to pay tribute to this great land? I hope that whether it is through something from a store or just from your heart that you find a way to show your love of our country. Be safe celebrating the independence that came at such great sacrifice.

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