Today’s dot is written by Marisa Huffman from Hilbert College’s Leadership Applications class:

For some people, skills just come naturally. A classmate of mine automatically understands every topic we study. A teammate of mine seems to dominate the field so effortlessly. There are some people that seem to be born with the skills that they obtain.

For others, practice is imperative. I must constantly study to maintain good grades. I put extra hours in on the field and in the weight room to be a better lacrosse player. People work hard at all kinds of things to better themselves and their skills.

Those of us who must work harder to compete with the naturally talented need not to get frustrated, jealous, or bitter. We must find what works best for us, stay dedicated, and push ourselves to be the best we can. We must practice relentlessly and commit ourselves if we want to succeed.

How hard are you willing to work to eliminate the skill gap between you and your competitors?


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