Rather than offer a sale to inspire purchasing, a local bookstore recently ran a promotion whereby you received a piece of homemade pie for every book purchased. The tasty treats were much more of an incentive than a discount!

The pies were made by a local church group who was hoping that some of the purchases would be children’s books for their child care center. The pies sat there are visible motivation to act — either to give the book to them or kept it for yourself. I didn’t see anyone in the store who did not buy at least something.

This particular pie promotion did not even cost the bookstore anything as they partnered with the church group. How can you provide incentives for your clients that go beyond the usual discounted price? Is there something you can do to motivate people to engage in the behavior you are seeking? Offering an unexpected treat may provide a slice of happiness as well as drive your sales. It provides a whole new meaning to bake sale!


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