The passing of Mary Tyler Moore got me reminiscing about her iconic Mary Tyler Moore television show. Though I haven’t thought of it in ages, I was able to sing most of the theme song by memory, and, of course, knew the cue for the signature tossing of the hat.

I watched every episode of that series during grade school/high school, but did not really realize it was a groundbreaking premise to feature a single woman pursuing a career. It was just a good show.

It wasn’t until I recently read Tim McGraw’s tribute to MTM upon her passing that I wondered what impact the show had on my development. Did it subliminally convey that it was an option to pursue a career and not children? Did it shape my desire to major in journalism? Did it draw me to want to live in a big city?

While I am not sure whether I subconsciously followed Mary Richard’s path, I am sure that we take in shapes us, whether we realize it at the time or not. Pay attention to your social media feeds, reading list, entertainment and friends. They are all sending messages that help us become who we are.


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