At a recent visit to the doctor, I was greeted by a wall of cheerful children’s artwork. It was hung across a string with clothes pins; nothing fancy but it certainly added some color to an otherwise sterile and drab examination room.

I thought that this was a coordinated effort between the clinic and the school district, but later learned that the artists were the children of the doctor. She brought in their projects on a rotating basis for her own enjoyment as well as her patients’.

But why couldn’t it be done more broadly? As she pointed out, the children bring home dozens of pictures throughout the year. Could your organization adopt a classroom or two and offer to display their creations in your lobby? The children would love seeing their work in public, and it makes for a delightful and rotating addition to your institutional space.

It doesn’t have to be formal to be a gallery and it doesn’t have to be professional to be art. Take advantage of the vibrancy of children’s projects to bring some color to your space.


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