The “Manager, Shipping Department” for Leadership Dots, LLC received a 700 page catalog in the mail. This was a full-color glossy publication that could not have been cheap to print or deliver. And it went straight from my mailbox into the recycle bin.

Leadership Dots doesn’t need an industrial pallet truck or wooden crates that can ship up to 7,000 pounds. Nor do I need a spill containment drum shed or rolling scaffolding. In fact, I don’t even need (or have) a shipping department, let alone a manager.

Wouldn’t it have been more efficient (and environmentally friendly) to send a postcard to the names on the new business list and direct people to a website? Or offer a $25 discount if you requested a catalog? Or do something besides send an unsolicited 700 page publication?

Just because you can afford to send something like this, doesn’t mean you should.  When you consider the ROI of your marketing efforts, factor in the environmental costs as well. Your initial outreach to unsolicited potential customers does not need to be so landfill laden.

beth triplett

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