I thought I was going to be able to “babysit” a 10-week old puppy last weekend, and I can’t tell you how excited I was about the prospect of doing that. I shared the possibility with my sister, who would have been another willing volunteer. 

She suggested creating a puppy-sitting service, sort of a Puppy Airbnb. I would be perfect; I don’t have the space or desire to host strangers in my home, but their dogs…well, that is a different story. If they are young enough, my home is theirs. Fido could stay with me while their owners are in a hotel or with non-dog-loving relatives. There are all sorts of situations I could envision where this would be a good thing for everyone. Golden puppies could even stay for free!

Maybe I need a new tag for “business ideas” as I seem to be having several of them lately. Boat sharingnew kinds of drive throughs, and now this. Author Chris Guillebeau believes that everyone should have a “side hustle” that brings them additional revenue apart from their regular employment. Maybe this is it for me?

Whether you are developing a part-time business or working in a traditional job, ideas are the easy part. It’s turning them into something meaningful where the grunt work needs to happen. But the best way to get a great idea is to get lots of ideas. So I’ll keep coming up with business prospects and maybe one will inspire me to buckle down and make it happen.

What idea do you have out there that is worth your effort to turn it into a reality? It doesn’t have to be something that you can monetize, but it does need to be something worthy of your time and what you will give up to focus on it. I can watch your puppy while you’re working!

— beth triplett

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