I read Lab Girl over the weekend and returned it to the library. When I went back on Monday to look at the book for yesterday’s quote, I was somehow saddened to see it sitting on the shelf in between other old memoirs.  

This is a brand new book, just published in April, that has a powerful message about friendship, partnerships and loving the work you do. It also speaks to women in science and the challenges that gender faces in pursuing such a career. I wanted the librarians to be promoting the book, urging people to read its message, and here it was, looking ordinary in the racks with others.

It made me realize that while the librarians can be influencers through their displays and recommendations, everyone can have a voice in some way. Hope Jahren did it by writing the book, others write blogs or opinion columns. Some have educated debates with colleagues, while still others share their messages through social media.

There is so much information available that we need to rely on others we trust to filter it and point us in the right direction. What message needs your megaphone to share it?

— beth triplett

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