Sometimes we get paralyzed with inaction because we try to make lofty solutions that impact a large number of people. There are occasions when serving a small niche might make a big difference for a small group.

One example of this is in the Milwaukee airport. They realized that nursing mothers would have a difficult time while traveling — there aren’t exactly many private spaces in an airport terminal — so they created some. General Mitchell Airport offers Lactation Suites, a small but secure destination for nursing mothers to use. They aren’t elaborate, but for a new mother, they would feel palatial.

What population do you serve that could use some extra attention? Is there a need that you could meet for a segment of your customers?  Can you take this idea an apply it in your organization?

Make it your goal to find a pocket of people that you could delight by providing a service that says “I understand you.”

— beth triplett


Thanks Amy for sending the pictures!

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