Many times we say that we want to provide good service, but we don’t always take the next step and make it easy to let people know when we fall short of that goal.

One common place where people passively monitor service is in a public restroom.  Often there is a chart on the back of the door indicating when it was last checked, and then a line in fine print that says something to the effect of “if this restroom needs servicing, please let the manager know.”

I have been in places that needed attention, but it has to be really bad before I will share my concerns.  More times than not, I let it go.

Recently I was in a restroom that has this:

What a great way to show that they are serious about keeping the restroom clean.  It’s simple, immediate and anonymous.

How can you take steps to make it easy for customers give you feedback, especially about service that needs attention now?

— beth triplett

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