I recently had two occasions where I became frustrated because something didn’t work. 

My Fitbit battery was low so I replaced it, only to have the entire device go black.  I thought I had a bad battery, so I made another trip to Target and purchased a new one.  The same thing happened — zip on my Zip.  I had my mechanically-inclined friend try to fix it.  Nothing.  

So I emailed Fitbit customer support.  Two days later I received instructions on how to make sure the “silver battery tab is flush with the outline in the tracker housing.”  I moved the piece of metal that is about the size of an earring post a distance about the width of an eyelash.  It worked beautifully.  

Then I wasted another 15 minutes of my life trying to get my phone to sync with the wireless speaker.  I tried every button and gizmo to get music to play, but silence.  Until I realized that the volume on my phone was on zero.  Oops.  One swipe of the finger and The Boss was in my office.

Sometimes it is the simple things that trip us up.  We tend to look for complicated solutions to problems or overlook the obvious.  The next time you are faced with a problem, be it mechanical or cultural, take a moment to try the easy solution first.  It may just do the trick!

— beth triplett

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