There is a lot of talk about recycling and awareness of environmental issues is certainly higher than it was a decade ago.  But many think that there is little difference between throwing something in the garbage can or the recycling bin.

A hotel in Yellowstone National Park took the extra step to help its patrons understand the difference.  Instead of just one trash container, they offered six slots: glass, paper, plastic, metal, compost and one more.

For slot #6, they made it clear where your un-recycled items were going — to the landfill.  It has a much more blunt ring to it than “garbage” (which is picked up by the garbage truck and disappears forever.) “Landfill” gives you cause to pause about whether or not you have taken that extra moment to truly recycle all you can to keep it out of the landfill pile.

Even if your trash can isn’t labeled as such, think about the ultimate destination of its contents the next time you shoot a piece of recyclable paper into its hoop.

— beth triplett

Thanks to Amy for the pictures. 

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