One year, by pure happenstance, I had a dental hygienist appointment on Halloween.  I left the office with sparkling, clean teeth and did not really have the desire to spoil that feeling right away.  As a result, I consumed a lot fewer calories and was able to pass on the inevitable treats in the office that day.

I stuck with the October 31 appointment for many years.  It was a simple way for me to garner some extra willpower to avert temptation.  While I don’t do it any more, today I find myself wishing that I did.

Think about the events or situations where you need a little extra fortitude to get through.  Is there something as simple as scheduling an annual appointment to help boost you?  Buying the Halloween or Easter candy that is your least favorite so you aren’t apt to eat any leftovers?  Making the item for the potluck that others find delicious, but you could easily pass up?

In the office, you could schedule your toughest meetings at 11am to give people an incentive to wrap up for lunch.  Maybe you bring a treat to the meeting to give everyone an unexpected smile (and glucose boost!) before you begin.  Or you review a proposal with a colleague before the meeting so you know you are going in with an ally.

There are many very small steps you can take to give yourself a pill of confidence.  Think of it as a vitamin that you are intentional and consistent in taking daily.

— beth triplett

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