Singer Amy Grant has 6 Grammy Awards, 22 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, and has sold more than 30 million records in her 40-year career. Yet, every night before a performance, she still does a soundcheck.

I was lucky enough to attend her warm-up this weekend, and it involved not only testing of the microphone levels, but arm stretches, vocal cord loosening (through gyrations of pretending to eat a lemon or acting like a lion!), and overall mental preparedness to perform. Even though it was the 41st concert on her most recent tour, she did not take her readiness for granted.

I think organizations would benefit from a “soundcheck” before their important “performances.” Too often people rely on their earlier experiences to prepare for a live program, meeting, speech, or presentation. But that extra mental grounding, physical stretching, and last-minute review of the details may provide the difference that allows you to hit all the high notes and shine on your stage.

Amy Grant at soundcheck
Amy Grant during her concert

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