While on vacation, we took a tour of the Sprecher Brewery in Milwaukee. Before and after the tour, guests are able to partake of free samples in the “beer garden” — consisting of ale, of course, but also of root beer and dozens of varieties of flavored soda.

It wasn’t always like this. The family brewery originally produced only beer — until the owner’s wife noticed that the children on tour were bored while the adults were enjoying their libations. She suggested that they create something non-alcoholic, and Sprecher root beer was born.

Before this, Sprecher’s output was 100% beer. Today, its sales consist of 75% root beer, 10% other soda flavors, and only 15% beer!

There may be an untapped audience adjacent to the one you have cultivated. Look at your consumers broadly and see if you can’t brew yourself a new market as Sprecher did.

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