We need an app like Tinder to help people find pets. I know some sites now provide listings, but there has to be a quicker way to match wanna-be pet owners with the dog of their dreams. You could consolidate all the humane societies and rescue services and allow for quick matching by breed, geography, gender, age, etc.

It would also be good if we could deploy AI to simplify the job-hunting process. You could apply the same idea: Job hunters would check off a host of criteria, including salary and culture aspects, and match people with jobs worth their time for an application. Again, there are lots of job sites out there, but I have to believe there is a more efficient way to match people with appropriate jobs vs. scrolling through dozens (hundreds?) in a general category.

The role of being a broker — whether physically or through technology — has increasing appeal as the amount of available information increases. If we can do easy matching for dates, surely we can apply the software to do easy matching for many other functions. As the saying goes for dating: “There’s someone for everyone.” There’s a pet and a job for everyone, too — if only we could get better at putting them together.

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