I spoke with someone whose organization performs a support role for another more prominent group. In the past, they have maintained a stealth approach, providing services behind-the-scenes without any efforts to identify their contributions. While this may have worked in the past, funding pressures are causing them to rethink their strategy and become more explicit about the good work that they do. It’s about time!

Organizations should be proactive in articulating their value and not wait until external forces put them in a reactive mode. Think about Intel, the microchip maker, whose significant contribution to PCs would have been invisible had it not been for the “Intel inside” sticker that graced monitors for a decade. By making their support function more tangible, they were able to assert their value to the consumer.

Suppliers and partners play critical roles in the success of many organizations. It’s possible to be humble and clear about the role you play. Stop hiding behind the curtain.

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