A friend shared his experience of attending a Minnesota Timberwolves game where the lineup consisted mostly of second-string players due to injuries and COVID exposure. It would have been easy for the bench players to expect defeat as they played against other starters but that was not the case. The Timberwolves stayed in the hunt, almost overcoming the Knicks several times before losing by only a few points. The next game, the same substitute players did rally and claimed a victory.

Think about how you can increase the commitment and contribution of your whole team, not just those who usually are your high performers. Do you have middle management or front-line staff with potential that you have not realized? Can you provide someone with the opportunity to step up and assume greater responsibility in the new year? What about offering an intern or new employee a chance to “have the ball” and participate in a meaningful project?

Quality can be found in many places within an organization. Your organization would benefit from capitalizing on its bench strength instead of always relying on the high profile “starters.”

Thanks, Mark!

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