One of America’s favorite game shows, Wheel of Fortune, received a black eye for its recent treatment of a contestant. In the bonus round, Charlene Rubush had a 5-second gap as she was sounding out the final clue. She got it right but because she did not continuously read the whole phrase, she was deemed ineligible to win the Audi Q3 prize!

Why would the show deny a prize to someone based on such a minor technicality? It seems pointless to me – what is really to be gained by being such a stickler – and it’s clearly not worth the negative press the show received.

The winner in all this is Audi, which heard about the fumble and on their own granted Rubush the car she should have won. It’s not an insignificant gesture as the car is valued at $36K but Audi has gained that and more in goodwill and free promotion.

Rules are important but so is the intent behind them. Follow the spirit instead of the letter whenever you’re able. Being technically right usually gets you nothing but ill will.

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