When I write a dot in the WordPress platform, Grammarly checks it for punctuation and spelling. If I write the same dot in Word, that program also checks it for grammar but often has different recommendations than Grammarly. Add a comma or delete the comma. Put in an article or take out the article. Nothing major, but it is frustrating to have seemingly hidden rules that are hard to follow. Which is correct?

The same is true with recycling. At a meeting, we threw away a pile of #1 plastics because that jurisdiction did not recycle clear lids. Other places won’t take black plastic even if it has the “right” number on it. These variations are only known by insiders although they are meant to apply universally.

If you have a set of rules that you wish people to follow, be clear about not only the basics but the nuances of your regulations. Help everyone understand the “why” some situations are seemingly contradictory and why they are in place. If you can’t explain it clearly, maybe you should consider a revision to a standard that can apply to all.

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