Many people are baseball card collectors so they were delighted when the Topps Truck showed up at the game and started handing out packets of free cards. I’m sure there were no Mickey Mantles in the giveaways, but for some people, it resulted in an addition to their collection.

What I liked best was that next to the truck they had a board where people could leave any duplicates they received and take other cards that were new to them. Not only did it expand the net result for many, but for everyone, it provided a new level of engagement and intrigue. Serious fans returned to the board numerous times throughout the evening and I think some enjoyed it more than the game itself.

This nearly no-cost feature made a big difference in the experience. Is there a way for you to replicate the idea at your next function? Have a table where people can share extra resources? Swap recipes? Trade unwanted baby items? Create an in-person Little Library?

Providing options to swap is an easy way for people to feel like they received a benefit for free.

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