Recruit for this job: pick corn every day during the summer starting at first light. Or stand outside all day at a farm stand to sell it. You would think — in this environment of a tight labor market — that those positions would remain unfilled, but our local farm family has learned that people are attracted to work for more than money.

Farm stand manager Carol Fincel is quoted as saying: “My staff are like my own children. They have to be 14 (years old) to start, and a lot of them stay through college. They learn so much, and I get to see them blossom.” Her relationship-building efforts not only earn her accolades with current staff, but multiple siblings rotate through the years and serve as a pipeline for future labor. Word travels, and the buzz is that the Fincel’s are great employers (and great farmers!).

Organizations today are offering all kinds of incentives to entice front-line or assembly-line workers to fill their positions: sign-on bonuses, college tuition, four-day work weeks, free meals, extra vacation time, and more. But people have always worked — and quit — because of their manager.

On this Labor Day — and the other 364 days — take a lesson from the Fincel’s and treat your current employees in such a way that they become life-long ambassadors for the company and actively recruit their friends. It’s the ultimate competitive advantage.

As quoted in “Sweet corn delights tri-state palates” by Sage Smith in the Telegraph Herald, July 7, 2021, p. 1A

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