Our library has installed a series of panels along a walkway that each tell one segment of a story for children. The plot of this edition is about finding an alligator and each panel is accompanied by an activity for kids — hold your hands to your eyes like a binocular, clap when you read the word alligator, count the number of words on this panel, clap your arms like an alligator snout, etc.

The panels are part of the StoryWalk series created by Anne Ferguson and embraced by the library as a way to combine reading with exercise. We normally think of reading as a sedentary activity but StoryWalk allows families to be outside and enjoy a book together.

Think about the desired behaviors of your clientele and how you can adjust your offerings to encourage people to do things as you wish. The library wanted movement + reading so sponsored this project on several key walking trails in town. How can you bring your organization to people in innovative ways?

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