I have worked with people who are hard on themselves and feel let down if their project does not turn out perfectly. It makes it difficult for them to be satisfied or to take pride in their outcome when their focus is solely on what could have been better.

In these cases, I remind my clients that no one hits the bullseye every time. Nor should you expect to. Hitting the absolute center is a rare accomplishment and points are still scored by hitting the rings around the bullseye. We create the target not so much to establish a goal of hitting it dead on, but to provide expectations that frame the parameters of where we are aiming.

Yes, you should aim for the center. And you should also be content hitting any of the cascading rings. When you put the dartboard in perspective against the whole wall, you will realize that the entire target is within the range of acceptable behavior. Your expectations and ability to be satisfied should align with that.

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