Over the holiday weekend, I went to my first waterski show. Even though the teams of performers put in hours of practice on the Mississippi, during most passes at least one of the skiers fell into the river. During some runs, multiple skiers ended up in the water instead of remaining part of the acrobatic display.

And yet, the show went on. The performers who stayed standing continued to do their mounts and waves while a separate team circled around to pick up those who had fallen. Multiple rescue boats were as much a part of the group as the skiers themselves.

Think about how your organization treats missteps that can be anticipated. Do you accept them as a natural consequence and plan for them or do you let them disrupt your operations? Have you engrained a sense of normalcy in your team so that they can get right back up after a fall? Do your expectations align with anticipated realities?

Help your team know that getting wet is just part of the process that comes from trying something new.

Note that two of the skiers are missing their “riders” (who are in the river behind them)

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