Who is the largest consumer of fireworks in the world? Think about that for a minute — what global entity would consistently purchase large amount of the pyrotechnics?

The answer: The Walt Disney Company. Disney parks offer large displays every evening, and that consistency outweighs any singular large purchases for special events like the Olympics or holiday celebrations. According to Business Insider, Disney is also the second-largest purchaser of explosive devices, behind only the U.S. Department of Defense.

I wouldn’t have guessed Disney as the number-one fireworks user. Fireworks are usually promoted as the highlight or the raison d’etre to attend an event — as with many city-wide celebrations tonight — not just part of the routine like at Disney where they have turned another’s main event into part of their daily magic.

Think about the “fireworks” you provide in your organization. Do you treat them like the Fourth of July — infrequent but spectacular occasions — or are you more like Disney and attempt to infuse sparkles into everything you produce? Either can light up your customers, but only one way defines your brand.

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