I saw a picture taken at the pre-Inauguration Memorial Service with the caption “Kamala Harris at the Reflecting Pool, in Pyer Moss.” How her life has changed where it suddenly becomes newsworthy not only about what she is wearing but also regarding who designed it.

Harris was wise to know this and to select a Haitian-American designer who has made generous contributions to those impacted by COVID. For the Inauguration itself, she and other key participants showcased other American designers, including some from U.S. design schools. Harris and other platform members were attired in purple as a nod to the unity of blue and red coming together and women across the country wore their pearls as a purposeful choice to represent Harris’ sorority.

You may not find yourself in a position where those around you are inquiring as to your clothing designer but if you’re the boss you can be assured that people are paying attention to many details about you. Cues such as attire, vehicle, work hours, and even eating habits are noticed and noted. Attempt to send your non-verbal messages with the same intentionality as your words.





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