In a sign of the times, Fisher-Price toys is now selling a “My Home Office” kit, complete with a cellphone, laptop and even a to-go coffee. It is marketed to the pre-Kindergarten set, as those older probably have a real computer that they use.

It may be a simple thing, but for the young ones, it fills a need to be like Mom or Dad in a way that they are most used to seeing them these days. I’d guess it will be a big seller this holiday season.

Working from home, masks, social distancing and hand washing is becoming part of how we live. What can your organization do to acknowledge that? Fisher-Price created a home office for kids; could you create a toy version of your offerings? Can you provide activities for young ones or teachers that complement your other organizational services? Is there a way for you to make your services “to-go”?

We’ve all experienced the downside of the pandemic. Reframe your thinking to find ways to take advantage of the new opportunities it offers.

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