In baseball, the 3000 hit club represents an elite group of players who have amassed that number of hits during the regular season. Out of nearly 20,000 players over the history of the game, only 32 men have achieved this milestone.

Of course, the number 3000 was on my mind as I reached that milestone myself with this dot. I don’t think there is a 3000 club for blog writers, but maybe there should be! And maybe you need to create an equivalent “club” in your organization – a recognition to mark the accomplishments of an exclusive few who have achieved at a level that sets them apart.

Having a criterion that indicates exceptional performance is worthy not only of the recognition it affords to those who attain it but just the mere act of codifying your benchmark helps communicate your values to others in the organization. Baseball considers 3000 hits as “the greatest measure of superior bat handling,” something to which all players should ascribe. What would be the legendary yardstick for your employees?

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