Good trainers successfully vary the exercises and format of their workshops to address multiple learning styles and most have long used music as part of their repertoire as a way to shape the environment. But in a webinar I attended, the facilitator suggested a new tool I hadn’t considered: smell.

Specifically, she suggested utilizing oranges – not just in training, but for their calming presence overall. The smell of oranges reduces anxiety and peeling one makes great sense during a program on mindfulness or stress management.

Think of how you can activate the sense of smell in shaping your learning or work environment. For your next workshop, could you bring a wax-melter or diffuser just as you bring music? Could you regularly have fresh flowers as part of your home office set-up? What about a simple candle at the receptionist’s desk to emit a light scent that distinguishes the mood of your office when people enter? Or even the smell of freshly-brewed coffee, popping corn or fresh baked goods?

We have five senses but often overlook smell and touch. Add some new resources to your tool kit and begin to use scent with intentionality.

Webinar:  by Debi Grebenik of Alia, 5-28-20


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