My birthday is in June and yesterday I received a birthday present in the mail. It was fantastic! Not only was the content wonderful but receiving an unexpected package made it even more special. I may never send a gift at the usual time again.

I have always intentionally delayed my sympathy greetings – having learned from experience that anything which arrives during those initial days of grief is lost in the blur. I send wedding presents very early for the flip side of that same rationale – as the date nears, presents become almost overwhelming among the other preparations. There has been a trend of businesses to send Thanksgiving cards instead of holiday greetings to avoid being forgotten in the shuffle and a friend sent New Year’s cards and a letter to achieve the same effect.

I have never considered sending birthday greetings “off-season” until now but perhaps an added element of serendipity enhances the giving. You can shower love on the actual day with a call, card or text but save some surprise for the gift portion of your greeting. It’s a guaranteed day-brightener!


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