Q: What is the most requested clothing item at homeless shelters?
A: Socks

Q: What did author Brene’ Brown use her influence to request as donations to Hurricane Harvey victims?
A: Underwear

Most people reading this dot are fortunate enough as to not think about socks or underwear. They come from the drawer in our bedrooms and are an invisible, utility item. But for those who are permanently or temporarily homeless, these basic garments can provide dignity, a feeling of being clean, and a moment of normality.

As a result of Brene’s social media pleas, the Undies for Everyone organization received 177,882 pairs of underwear (and $658,750 in donations that will buy 775,000 additional pairs), helping not only the flood victims, but also those who were in need in Houston before Harvey ever made landfall. The Bombas Company has donated 4 million pairs of socks to homeless shelters, and continues to contribute through its buy one/donate one policy.

People are eager to help after a disaster like Hurricanes Harvey or Irma – or how they felt on this date in 2001. But keep in mind that there are those who need help every day.

Love isn’t lofty. Commemorate Patriot Day today, and also be a patriot on October 11 and November 11 and every month thereafter, by contributing the non-sexy basics that help others to have what you take for granted.

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