The Franklin Covey planners may seem a bit old-school, but their packaging is anything but. The calendars come in this wonderful box: embossed on the front in silver letters it proclaims: “Your World Is About to Change.”  Once the box is empty, it supplies another message: “Your World Has Changed.” What a great way to capitalize on space others often ignore.

Think about how your product could be used to share your brand’s message beyond just your logo. Do you have a tagline or message imprinted on your envelopes or invoices? Can your materials be delivered in a binding that includes information about your organization or its vision? Do tangible products include intentional communication of the “why” behind them as well as the requisite logistical descriptions? Does your box “wow” like Covey’s does?

The package you share provides a wonderful opportunity for either education or elation. Be sure to include more than your product in the next piece your organization distributes.

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