While I was in Minneapolis, I was treated to local delicacy Johnny Pops. These frozen desserts on a stick are part sherbet, part ice cream and 100% delicious. I could have eaten a whole box of them.

Johnny Pops are packaged on the traditional popsicle stick – only with a twist. Instead of the plain version, these treats come imprinted with the Johnny Pop logo and a few words of wisdom. Sticks included: “Laughter is contagious; share it!”, “Take a picture with a friend!” and “Say thank you to a role model.” All of them contained simple, positive messages instead of a blank stick.

Johnny Pops did not need to have fun sayings to make it a great product, but the extra touch did not go unnoticed. What real estate in your service portfolio is currently being underutilized? Is there an appropriate place where you can infuse your personality and surprise your customers? Don’t be a stick in the mud when it comes to creative branding.

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