At a recent garage sale, I saw a box of encyclopedias available for the taking. Back in the day, the good ‘ole Brittanica was the font of all knowledge: everything you needed to know all bound in ten intimidating volumes. Since then, we have moved to the internet, of course, and Wikipedia can tell you more that the encyclopedia ever did.

A new iteration general-information-all-in-one-place is now in development. Blippar is a software working to add visuals to the vast array of knowledge that is already gathered. You will be able to use your camera to access layers and layers and layers of information about the picture you have taken. An example was shared in Inc. magazine showing how it migrates from discovery to selection to information and then even to augmentation of data. I see vast amounts of time being expended as people surf deeper and deeper into a topic!

As you teach students, your staff or your children the skills of life, one of the pressing needs is going to be how to prioritize and assess the limitless amount of information that they will encounter. It’s no longer enough to learn how to spell C-A-T or to even identify one; now people need to know when enough is enough on any given topic. Tomorrow is going to make the encyclopedia look like Cliff Notes.

Inc. March 2017

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