I recently prepared to present a workshop on supervision and was reminded of one of my favorite quotes about leadership.  Marcus Buckingham writes in The One Thing You Need to Know:

“Effective leaders don’t have to be charming or brilliant. What they must be is clear. CLARITY is the essence of great leadership. Show us clearly who we should seek to serve, show us where our core strength lays, show us which score we should focus on and which actions we must take, and we will reward you by working our hearts out to make our better future come true.”

I agree with Marcus about clarity, not just with leadership, but with achieving almost anything worthwhile. I have written before about the importance of specificity in accomplishing goals or projects, and clarity achieves the same thing.

For today, try to be as specific and clear as you can — about what you value, what you seek to achieve and what you need. The more detailed you are about your plans, the more likely the universe will conspire to help you attain them.

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