Looking for a different way to stay organized or to track your goals in the new year? The latest trend in personal project management is the bullet journal, so named because you can keep lists and monitor progress in short bursts or bullets.

Even better, the “BuJo” is completely tailored to your needs, as a bullet journal is no more than a blank notebook that you create into a comprehensive compilation of all you wish to record. (Often the journal has dotted pages instead of line to make the customization easier.) The bullet journal could include fitness goals, to-do lists, expense tracking, gratitude reflections or bucket list items — whatever is important to you. For sample pages, see this.

As with any tool, there is an on-line community waiting to assist you in its set-up and use. Founder Ryder Carroll also provides background and information at bullet journal or via a 4-minute video tutorial. The key to this system is that, once it is set up, it allows for quick entries, so in theory you will actually use it instead of abandoning other more daunting systems.

If your organizational system isn’t working for you, or you’d like a creative outlet to capture all your plans and dreams, you may want to give the bullet journal a try. There’s no such thing as a silver bullet, but perhaps a multi-colored bullet will help move you toward success.

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