All of the informal conversation this week has been about the Thanksgiving holiday and what people did over the weekend. I usually have a mental health retreat instead of partaking in the Thanksgiving festivities, but not this year. In addition to traveling over the river and through the woods for a feast, I ventured out on Black Friday.

Black Friday is an exercise in prioritization. You need to have a plan and know specifically what you want. You need to determine what item/bargain is most important to you, and head to that department in that store first. You may have to forego other treasures to get your top item, but chances are you will succeed in obtaining your #1 pick.

Or you can prioritize sleep over bargain hunting, or sanity over crowds, and not participate at all.

I found most stores were offering “Black Friday sales” that resembled normal sales and were nothing to lose sleep over. But some shoppers were decked out in Christmas sweaters with antler headbands and had been part of the frenzy for hours. They prioritized the experience, regardless of the savings or lost time standing in lines.

Use Black Friday as a metaphor for your upcoming holiday experience. Prioritize what is most important to you and intentionally go after it — but let the rest go without regret.

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