I was talking to someone whose daughter is going to “Mayo” to hopefully find a diagnosis to her vexing medical issue. By Mayo, she meant The Mayo Clinic, one of America’s top hospitals, but specifically the gold standard in treatment and diagnosis. 

As I researched to see what made Mayo different than other hospitals, and why they seemed to be able to find the root cause of ailments that elude everyone else, I learned that they attribute their success to their “multi-specialty integration.” 

When Dr. Mayo opened his office in 1864, doctors worked alone. The concept of a group practice was unheard of, but he invited others doctors and scientists to work along with him. Mayo has leveraged multi-specialty integration from the beginning and found that it is this system of teamwork that has set them apart in the medical world. 

At Mayo, teamwork receives more than lip service; it permeates almost every aspect of the multi-billion dollar corporation. The buildings were designed with collaboration in mind. Mayo pioneered the first integrated medical record system. Physicians are paid a fixed salary that is not linked to volume or services rendered. The Mayo School of Continuous Professional Development encourages on-going learning and innovations. An unhurried examination where “the needs of the patient come first” allows for probing questions and listening.

The Mayo model is working in health care, and may serve as a prescription for how to impact your culture too. You would be well to emulate the Mayo Clinic Model of Care and Mayo Clinic Values as a prescription for organizational success.

beth triplett

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