I am taken aback when I realize that it would now take three full reams of paper to print out these dots. How did it get to be 1500? You know the answer: one sentence at a time, that formed a dot, repeated daily for 49 months, which brings us to today.

A friend was recently asked to write a few blog entries for his institution, and asked me for some advice on how to go about the task. When I thought about it, my process involves these steps:

1. Being aware of what is around me (reading, paying attention, observing)

2. Then turning that observation into an idea

3. Adding a lesson or making a point in conjunction with that idea

4. Writing the dot

5. Adding enhancements: tags, photos, links

My advice included two more steps that I should do, but don’t always:

6. Sharing the blog via social media

7. Repurposing content in as many ways as possible.

Thinking about the process I use for something that is so ingrained in my routine helped me to see portions that are easier or harder for me. I often have ideas without lessons (eg: it’s dot #1500 — how do I turn that into something meaningful), but once I get the thought formulated, writing it is the quickest portion. So rather than sitting down to write, it makes more sense for me to first think about linking lessons with the ideas I have.

What complex sequence do you frequently follow? Take a moment today to break it down into steps to see where your strengths and challenges fall. Instead of one day a time, take it one small piece at a time, and repeat, over and over again.

Onward to #2000!

beth triplett

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