At a recent retreat, one of our members shared an analogy likening the organization to a beehive. 

A beehive needs four kinds of bees:

> Drones, who fertilize the culture through (in Strengths Finder parlance) Strategic Thinking.

> Worker Bees, who sustain the culture by Executing.

> Queen Bees whose work transforms the culture through Influencing.

> And Honey Bees who sweeten the culture through Relationship Building.

If you are interested in producing organizational honey, think about the swarms you have in your hive. Are all types represented? Is everyone aware of the role they play? Are all valued for what they contribute to the whole? 

Just as real bees all need all four types to synchronize their work, so do human bees if the organization is to flourish. Intentionally create your hive to help your organization thrive.

beth triplett

Thank you Demetria!

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