Have you noticed the hot new trend of succulent plants? Just when everyone has their lush, green potted plants on their patios and windowsills, along comes the new “must have” of miniature cacti. 

Most of these plants come in very tiny containers, but they don’t have tiny price tags if you get a full planter. Individual plants come in tiny pots that include a magnet or a small string to hang. I think part of the novelty is, well, the novelty, but also the appeal is that they only require watering once per month. 

What I wonder is what happened to make these plants suddenly appear at almost every gardening retailer? Why now? Did they get a new distributor or a new source of plants? Were they the hot item at a garden supplier buyers show? Did Pinterest see one in a magnetized pot and it took off from there?

I am always amazed when something goes from “I’ve never seen that before” to “these things are everywhere.” It recently happened with adult coloring books, and now it’s cacti. 

When you see a new trend, pay attention. Watch when and where you first notice it, and see how long it is before the item is featured on clearance or becomes yesterday’s news. Think about what caused that trajectory — and better yet, how you can replicate it for something of value to your organization.

You can learn from things that aren’t linear, and these cute little plants are hotter than the desert in which they normally grow.

dr. beth triplett


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