In a stroke of brilliance and I am sure in a flurry of activity, Corvette ran full page ads in several major newspapers on Friday, April 22.  As you recall, the legendary singer Prince died on April 21. So, in less than 24 hours, after an unexpected death, the car maker whose “little red Corvette” was immortalized in Prince’s song by that name, played homage to him in print. They conceptualized, designed and did media buys overnight. It was a stroke of genius.

If something tragic happened to someone important to your organization, are you prepared to take steps to acknowledge it? Does someone have the initiative and authority to take action? Have you thought ahead as to what action you might take?

Corvette set the bar high for an appropriate and timely response. The lyrics may say “baby, that was much too fast,” but as recognition goes, “baby, that was spot on perfect timing.”

beth triplett

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