When I was outside Sam’s Club over the weekend, there was a group of girls huddled against the wind with their table of Girl Scout cookies. There is nothing like a box of Thin Mints to assure me that spring is on the horizon!

I’m not sure there are any new flavors this year, but what did catch my attention was that the Scouts now accept Visa for payment of their delicacies. I later learned that this was part of a larger strategy with Dell. Digital Cookie 2.0 allows scouts to track sales data, accept on-line orders, market cookies and store information for future purchases. I wonder if the program leaves cookies on customer’s computers! (-:

Dell provided $2.5 million to provide scouts with access to the program and hopes to help the girls become “strong, smart, tech-savvy women in laboratories, startups, elected offices and boardrooms.” I have written before* that the Girl Scouts were missing an opportunity with their cookie sales, and I am happy that they are doing more to leverage their signature program.  

What is your organization doing that could benefit from an infusion of “e”? Is there something you do by hand that could go digital, even in a pilot or experimental stage? If the Girl Scouts can do it, surely you can be a smart cookie and do it too!

— beth triplett

Source:  Digital developments help track Girl Scout Cookie sales by Grace Wong for the Chicago Tribune in the Telegraph Herald, January 17, 2016, p. B7.

*See Blog #270, February 26, 2013

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