As an organization’s board was debating an issue during a meeting, the conversation seemed to be going in many different directions.  The chair made an astute observation about how the lack of a strategic plan was playing out in this discussion; each member had different ideas on the priority and impact of the topic at hand.

“We didn’t buy a bucket of Legos,” the chair said. “We bought them one brick at a time and we’re not sure what we’re building.”

Did your organization have an end goal in mind before it began acquiring resources and trying to use them? Or did it take what was at hand and just plunge in without a vision for the result? 

It always helps to have at least some sense of the picture on the box before you start putting the puzzle together.  Even if the details are fuzzy, general agreement on the direction you are heading will help the pieces come together much more effectively.

— beth triplett

Good one bg!

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