I’ll admit that I’m not up on all the latest trends involving pregnancies and parenthood, but it was a new one to me that someone was invited to a Gender Reveal Party.  I said “huh?” but apparently they are quite popular.  

If any others are in the dark, it is when families and friends gather to learn the gender of the baby-to-be.  This is done through a color-coded cake or cupcakes or I’m sure through a variety of surprises that are “revealed” at the gathering.  

As we got talking about this topic, I learned also about Push Presents — usually jewels that the dad gives to the new mom as a reward?/thank you?/better you than me? acknowledgement for the effort involved in labor.  As if a baby wasn’t enough?  

But just so dad isn’t left out of the bounty, some couples are taking Babymoons — a honeymoon-type vacation before the baby ties them down.  It is a last celebration with just the husband and wife before baby makes three. I don’t understand any of this, but do accept that it is all a reality for some parents-to-be.  

Are you customers or clients engaged in rituals that you need to learn about?  Have traditions evolved into something entirely new all together?  Is something now a really big deal that you used to take for granted?

It doesn’t matter if you like it, or even ‘get it’, but if something is important to your clients, it should become important to you.

— beth triplett

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