When I was in Sam’s Club over the weekend, I was browsing through their book section.  It is a fairly limited display for them, and usually only carries the recent best sellers.  One particular book caught my attention, so I wrote down the title and author to reserve it at the library.

I was shocked to learn that the book I wanted was actually released in 1999.  Instead of being on a wait list for it (as is usually the case with anything current), the copy I checked out is tattered and torn.  The spine is so damaged that I had to check that all the pages were still there before I got 300 pages into a suspense novel only to be left hanging!

Apparently the publisher decided to do a new release with a new cover — and it worked.  Same book inside, but a much more modern and appealing jacket to generate a new audience and attention.

What does your organization have that could use a new cover and fresh release?  Is there a treasure on your shelf that could see another life if it were given a graphic makeover?  

So much content from years ago is still highly relevant today — whether it be to educate or to entertain.  Don’t let the original release date keep you from sharing something good.  Dust off that dust cover and re-release it with a new look.

— beth triplett

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