In a recent Dear Amy advice column, a parent was resentful about the sacrifices she was making for her daughter.  Amy’s reply: “…this is what it means to be a parent.  When you’re a parent, sometimes it seems that everyone else is on the dance floor, while you are left to guard their purses.”

I think that feeling is true in other settings as well.  Sometimes it seems that way when you are a supervisor and are called to do the extra while others are able to go home.  I’m sure coaches feel that way when the players are out celebrating a win and the coaches are watching videos of the competition in preparation for the next game.  Teachers could resent the need to be doing lesson plans and syllabi while the students are enjoying their weekend or breaks. 

Being the one responsible for others is a delight — and a burden.  As you assume a leadership role, remember that it’s not all glory.  Sometimes your job will be to guard the purses — or worse.

— beth triplett

Source:  Mom conflicted over financial support for child by Amy Dickinson for the Tribune News Service in the Telegraph Herald, August 2, 2015, p. 7B

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